Tap Dance Classes

We teach and Imperial Society Of Teachers Of Dance (ISTD) Tap Dance Syllabus.

Tap is often seen on stage in musicals and uses the feet to strike the floor, beating out different rhythms, to give a distinctive sound. ISTD examinations can be taken with school.

Pupils progress annually from Pre-Primary to the higher grades. Pupils are encouraged to enter for exminations and assessments to build confidence, artistry and technique and to progress. Examinations are optional, with pupils also taking part in regular displays and shows.

The Tap Dance classes are taught in conjunction with the ballet and hip-hop classes, alternating term to term or as workshops depending on the specific class plan for that term.

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Tap shoes can be borrowed or purchased directly from Kate.

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Our new term starts in September 2023. You can enrol at any time of the year depending on availability. Enquire now to learn more.

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