Hip-Hop Dance Classes

We teach Hip-Hop dance through our unique syllabus taught by experienced and qualified dance teachers.

Hip-Hop Dance is a dance style that includes intricate movements, isolations, rhythm, free work and new routines every week to current chart music. This class is a great way to keep fit.

Hip-Hop is one of our fasted growing classes available for ages 5 years up to teens. Pupils take part in ads, tv, flashmobs and shows to improve their skills and confidence. Classes are suitable for boys and girls.

We also hold regular extra Hip-Hop workshops at weekends.

We run special classes for Transition Years with classes available for beginners and advanced students with seperate classes available in Ballet, Hip-Hop and Jazz. Our pupils use our classes towards their An Gaisce Award.

Key Information


  • Tracksuit Bottoms/leggings
  • Runners/Converse (Ugg boots/shoes are not allowed)
  • Dance School T-shirt (Purchase directly from Kate)

Location and Times

Hip-hop classes take place in a few of our venues on different days of the week, meaning that there should be a day that suits you! See our timetable for exact times.



Our new term starts in September 2023. You can enrol at any time of the year depending on availability. Enquire now to learn more.


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